Tuesday, October 30, 2018

My Problems with Teechip Today October 25, 2018.

Like I said before, so far I have really enjoyed designing shirts to sell through Teechip.  Having said that, I am running into some issues that need to be addressed.  I bought my own domain name through Teechip but as of today, I would not recommend you do that.  It cost me $50 USD and so far I have just had problems with it.

There are quite a few glitches that need to be addressed and I have spent two days trying to get in touch with someone.  So, that is another problem.  Currently, it is very hard to get in touch with their customer service if you have an issue.  I just went ahead and ordered a couple shirts so that I could tell how efficient Teechip is when it comes to fulfilling orders and their print quality.

If they have problems doing this, I am probably going to be gone and I will start over with another tee shirt company.  The reason I am telling you this is so that you can avoid paying out money and save you lots of time and frustration.

I figured out that I lost a lot of my money when I advertised my storefront because of the top links on the page.  People were clicking on those links and going into another area of the Teechip store before probably even browsing my items.  That is where my paid clicks went.  I do not think that is fair to the storefront owner and is another issue that I don't like.  However, maybe in the long run that could actually benefit my storefront as my shirts will appear when people are searching for what they want at other storefronts.

So far I am undecided as to if this is a worthwhile venture.  If you decide to do it before I am done reviewing them, do not pay for your own domain until they work out the bugs.  You can get started for free and that is how most people do it I bet.  I am going to be making a video soon showing you the problems with my store on the Teechip domain.  I really do think they are trying to have a great system and they just need to work out the kinks.  I will let you know in a future post when the domain problems have been addressed.  If not, I'm out 50 bucks and won't do it again next year.

I have a really exciting opportunity to present to you in just a couple of months.  I have been waiting several years for this to come up and I can't wait to let you in on it.  I will tell you this about it.  It is not a pyramid scheme, MLM, or some other dishonest money making system.  This is an affiliate program that is going to make us a lot of money.  I am very familiar with the website designer's past projects and he gets an A plus.  So be sure and subscribe for this upcoming opportunity. Do me a favor and comment below if you are interested and you will be the first to know about it.

You will be able to do it anywhere, in any country, and it is 100% legit.  👍

Stay tuned for my next post on Teechip.  It might be awhile since I am waiting to have shirts delivered so I might post something else in between.

Teechips Order Fulfillment Initial Review

Ok so I ordered some t shirts from Teechip to inspect the quality and I am pleased with how the order process is going.  Teechip sends you a receipt with an order number that you can use on the homepage to track your order.  This feature of the website is really nice and I went there today and could plainly see that my order is in the printing process.

I like this feature a lot and I know my customers will really appreciate it.  Soon after I receive my shirts and sell some shirts, I will be coming out with my total review of Teechip.  I also did hear back from customer service and they answered my questions.  Took a little longer than I anticipated but, hey, sometimes people just get busy.

So far I am happy with Teechip.  I will let you know more once I have the product in hand.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Evaluating Teespring Today

Today I went to Teespring and evaluated them as a possible tee shirt supplier.  They have a very well put together website and I was really impressed with their customer service chat.  A huge plus compared to Teechip which so far I rank as having poor customer service.

Will I switch to Teespring?  I very well might.  But I will give Teechip a chance and am patiently waiting for my first order to arrive.  As of today, October 26, 2018 Teechip is less expensive than Teespring is on one shirt.  And, if you order more than one shirt, Teechip is far cheaper.

Teespring advertises free shipping which is nice but Teechip is still cheaper including their shipping.  Not by much but noticeable.  This price cut becomes very large if you are ordering more than one shirt so in the long run you will save a lot of money by using Teechip.

Having said that, so far I am really not happy with Teechips customer service.  When I ordered shirts I did not even know that the order went through.  I had to check Paypal.  Shortly after though, I did receive an email from Teechip giving me my order number.

As a guy just starting out selling t shirts, I think that the cost is very important.  I can do without great customer service right now in order to make some money.  Perhaps Teechip will work on this area and pay more people to help them with customer service.  Maybe they have growing pains.

If you do want to jump right in with me and join Teechip before I am done reviewing it fully, here is the link.  I will make a few pennies if you join through this link but we can work together to make our tee shirt business a success.  PLEASE NOTE:  SO FAR MY REVIEW IS NOT OVER AND I CANNOT RECOMMEND THEM YET.

But here it is if you want to jump right in....Teechip  

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Teechip Campaign 4 Results

So I had a graphic designer design my latest graphic and I am very pleased with it.  I advertised it again on Facebook and had very poor results.  The ad was very targeted and either the people did not like the shirt or they just were not in a buying mood.

Nevertheless, today is October 25th and I still have no tee shirt sales.  I have decided to take a different approach with this business.  I will order shirts that have my designs on them and see if I can sell the physical product on eBay, Amazon, and Facebook groups.  If this does not work, I can always go to flea markets and see what I can get for them.  I like to go to flea markets to find items to sell on eBay so I have no problem doing this.

So today I am not going to advertise but I did place an order.  I am very pleased with Teechips order process.  It is simple, quick, and efficient.  Soon I will be able to comment concerning the product quality.

Everybody buys tee shirts but it is not a "must have now" item.  People will substitute for price and you have to make a really great design to catch your markets attention.  Maybe all of my designs sucked so far and nobody wants them.  That is why I decided to sell them myself.  I will use Teechip as my screen printer for now until my sales can justify paying for advertising.

I am also going to put more emphasis on my Facebook Tee shirt page, TiggsDiggs and boost some posts to get some likes.  I am a basic graphic designer so I can also make a few bucks doing this.  When I design hot selling shirts, I am going to start an affiliate program for individuals that would like to make money helping me sell my tee shirts.

I still have no problems with the Teechip tee shirt program.  I will keep you informed on such things as sales through their website (passive) and other things that may crop up over time.  Stay tuned to see if this is a profitable venture or if I recommend staying away from it.  It is still too early for me to tell but I will know within the next month or so.

The main problem appears to be driving enough traffic to my storefront to make any sales.  So what I am going to do is start making YouTube videos of my products and market that way also.

Currently, these are my results:  $50 for the website set-up (which you do not need), plus roughly $60 in Facebook ads that flopped.  I ordered two shirts today for another $18 and will see if I can make money on them.  I will be posting my progress soon.  I think that by now a lot of people are advertising Tee shirts and most people just don't click on the ads.

I learned a long time ago when it comes to Internet Marketing that it is much better to have a system in place that people can search for and find, then blasting ads at them.  People do not want to quit what they are doing to hop over to some ad.  That is mostly the truth.  And, my ad campaigns with the tee shirts once again verified that.

Anyway, if you want to see my designs and products that I offer, you can go to my teechip store TiggsDiggs or like my page on Facebook @TiggsDiggs.  

Teechip Campaign 3 Results

I am beginning to get the feeling that this business is going to be a flop.  Once again, I have no tee shirt sales to report and have spent money advertising and quite a bit of time designing the shirts.
Teechip recommends Facebook advertising and so far I have found it to be unproductive and expensive.

As you can see by my results, I have had 19 people (and paid for more clicks than that) visit my Teechip promotion and not one person bought anything.  They may have found my products to be too expensive so in my next campaign, I am going to reduce the prices so that I make barely a profit to see if I can get a sale or two.  Anyway, this is disappointing. The key factor in having success with this business is twofold.  One, you need to drive a lot of traffic to your tee shirt campaigns.  And, two, your designs have got to be good.  I thought I had a winner with this one but so far zippo.

As of today October 10/19/2018, I am down $77.14 with this business and I have zero sales.  I am going to run one more campaign and if it shows no results, I am not going to advertise on Facebook anymore.  The cost per click is expensive and I don't think it is worth it.  I have other ideas in mind for this business and am not ready to give up on it yet.  

The above shows my Teechip campaign advertising cost thus far.  Remember, it cost me $27.14 for my own domain name and then $27.14 in total spent on advertising. No sales yet.

Please check back in a couple days when I reveal my final campaign results.  I am doing something different.  I am having my next design professionally made so hopefully it is more appealing.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Teechip Campaign 3 Results So Far

So today is October 23, 2018 and I have been with Teechip since October 14th.  I still have not sold a single tee shirt and am feeling disappointed.  I must reiterate, though, that it is not Teechips fault.  I still like their set-up a lot and have become a master at negotiating through their website.

I feel that I am going to design some tee shirts that do really well and I believe that once you have a good shirt, it will make quite a bit of money.  Maybe I am wrong and I will go broke trying this business but I am not ready to throw in the towel yet.

Today I changed from advertising a single shirt to advertising my entire website with lots of shirts.  My reasoning is that shoppers will have more of a variety to shop from and will buy something.  As I am writing this, I have no sales and 6 people have come to my store.  When 25 people have seen my store and not purchased anything, I am calling it quits for this campaign.

My campaign right now is geared towards the Jewish holiday Hanukkah.  I made several humorous designs and I trying to sell a variety of products with the designs on them.  In addition to tee shirts, I am selling beach towels, phone cases, and mugs.

Perhaps the problem is that I am advertising too far in advance.  That is the reason I have become stubborn and I am still thinking that I will make money with this campaign.  I have quite a bit of ground to make up in sales so I hope that I start selling some products.  In my next post, I will show you the results of my sales when I hit 25 people visiting my Teechip storefront.  Hopefully, I will have a few sales.  Otherwise, I did a lot of work for nothing and will begin again with a brand new campaign.  Please don't forget to subscribe and follow this blog.  If I do fail at making money selling t shirts, I am going to move on to another online money maker.

Also, please note that I have a lot of comments below my previous blog posts.  I do not endorse any money making method that I have not personally tried and have been successful with.  Please use discretion and caution if you try any online venture.  Feel free to comment and ask me what I think about a money making program, as I have tried many.  I will give you my honest opinion and I want you to be more successful online than I have been so far.  Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Teechip Tee Shirts -My Second Campaign Results

Ok so after a few days I am losing money.  I have had a shirt design fail me and am now moving on to a different design.  I am down $67.86 and I would like to recover that with this campaign.  I designed what I thought was a really nice dachshund design and moved quickly into advertising it on Facebook.

My ad performed well and was getting a lot of hits.  Once again, I was excited to log in to Teechip and see all of my sales.  Disappointed struck me again!  Not one sale.  Once again, I sat and wondered why people are clicking through and then not buying.  Could it be my price was too high?  Perhaps.

In my next campaign, I am going to lower prices way down in order to see if I can get a sale or two.  But for this one, the ad was performing well so I let it go and now I am down a total of $77.14.  This is getting expensive in a hurry and I have not one sale to show for it.  Granted the $50.00 is only a yearly fee so actually, I am only down $27.14.  But I am not a rich guy and I don't have hundreds to toss into a business before I start to see results.

This was disappointing to say the least.  28 people clicked through and came to my Teechip website and not one of them bought the shirt.  I still have not sold one shirt!  All I can think about is that people are bailing out on my website and going to the main site of Teechip and finding shirts to buy there so I am advertising for them free of charge!  Once again, it is not their fault that my shirt is not selling but it is disheartening to watch the money in your advertising account pile up while you make nothing to show for it. 

The above are my advertising costs for the first five days.  No sales.  1.982 people have seen my shirts and $27.14 spent without any results.  This business might not be for me but I am going to do something drastically different for my next campaign.  First, I am going to greatly reduce the price of the shirts.  Secondly, I am going to have a much larger selection, meaning that I am going to design at least three different shirts and advertise them on my Teechip website.  My theory here is that there will be more to choose from and I will get some needed sales.  

Please join me by subscribing to this blog and checking out my next campaign.  

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