Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bloggers Should Offer Domains & Hosting to Their Readers

Google Adsense will make you some money if you have a large readership, but I am a fan of affiliate product marketing.  There are currently thousands of affiliate programs online that you can join to market their products to your readers.  I believe that one of the best affiliate programs to offer is a domain registrar company that also includes hosting and website services.

One such company that I have been working with is GoDaddy.  GoDaddy is the number one domain registrar in the world and for good reason.  Their prices are low in comparison with the competition and they also have many other products that can go along with a domain purchase.
If you join Conversant, formerly Commission Junction, you will discover that a lot of affiliates market GoDaddy.  This is most likely due to the fact that they have an excellent EPC.  For those of you who do not know, EPC means the affiliate earnings on average per 100 ad clicks.  A high value means that a lot of customers are impressed with the company, resulting in high sales.
You might ask the question, “If GoDaddy is so huge and is doing so well, why would they still need affiliates to help market their products?”  This answer is simple; all the affiliates are helping to drive the sales.  Sure, GoDaddy spends millions on advertising; however, it is their affiliates that bring them lots of customers each and every day.

GoDaddy provides affiliates with great promotions that aid in obtaining more sales.  As an affiliate, you can change your links and banners regularly to showcase these great sales.  This is the reason why a lot of people click on GoDaddy links and end up purchasing products from their easy to follow website.

As a blogger, your readers all have internet access.  And, many of them are website owners or are going to become website owners.  Domains are a good choice for bloggers which currently blog on subdomains, those who wish to make money online, those who want to do any kind of business online, and those who just want to have a personal website so that the family can keep abreast of family activities.  Also, there are a lot of individuals and companies that buy domains in hopes of selling them for huge amounts of money in the future.

Domains are big business.  The highest selling domain, according to Erik Overen was at 35.6 million in 2010.  Just look at this chart that I have compiled from Wikipedia.  Many domains are worth millions and in the future many more will be!

There are millions of domains currently registered.  And, GoDaddy has registered the majority of them.  More and more domain extensions are becoming available do to the fact that the market for domains is still increasing.  So my burning question is, “as a blogger, why are you not taking advantage of this huge market and marketing domains, websites, and hosting to your readers?”

Many times when someone purchases a domain; they also choose additional products to go along with it.  Some of the products that they can choose is a website, hosting and storage, a private server, shared servers, search optimization tools, extended period domains, blog hosting, SSL Certificates, online stores, shopping carts, and the list goes on.  Sales of these products greatly increase your affiliate commissions.

A typical commission on domains and domain products can be very high.  Only one sale per month can be more than you regularly make with Google Adsense ads.  Here is a secret that I will tell you today which is in December of 2015.  I know of a website hosting company that will pay you $100 USD for each sale.  Now do you see why as a blogger you should be marketing domains and web hosting?

If you do not like GoDaddy or would rather market some other companies products and services, there are many to choose from.  The hosting company I mentioned above is not GoDaddy, although it is very possible to make $100 USD on sales made at GoDaddy.
I am not in a hurry to abandon GoDaddy, though.  I have been using them for years and am very happy with their products and great customer service.  I have bought servers from other hosting companies and ran into problems.  GoDaddy has always been able to help me out. 

If you just have Google Ads on your blog, you are missing out on a lot of money making opportunities.  By simply joining an affiliate company and placing a few links in your blog, I can almost 100% guarantee that you will make more money blogging.  The main problem with making money blogging is usually traffic flow.

You can have the best blog in the world but if only 3 people find it a day, you are not going to be making much money.  However, if you do have good traffic flow it is time to monetize your blog with affiliate ads and think about getting rid of others that can alter the look of your blog and actually turn your readers the other way.

In conclusion, I hope that I have enlightened some of you and you’ll decide to market affiliate products on your blog or blogs.  The main thing to do if you decide to place affiliate links is to always keep them current.  Dead links or links that are outdated confuse your readers and they will stop clicking on them.  If you keep them current, you can reflect on the most recent sales and your readers will appreciate them.

Many people don’t tell others to market affiliate products on their blog because they are afraid of the competition.  But let me tell you, there really is no such thing as competition online.  Utilize your competition to actually help you and in return you will get more sales.  I came across a quote online that I would like to share with you.  “Competition makes us faster, Collaboration makes us better.” –FyreFly.  It makes total sense to me when you are a blogger.  You are much better off working with other bloggers to achieve steady income results than you are being a lone wolf and trying to devour them.
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