Sunday, December 4, 2016

New Online Money Making Training

I decided to start blogging about my past experiences as an Internet Marketer and blogger.  The truth is that I have had many failures throughout the past 10 years online and I wanted to teach you them so that you don't make the same mistakes.

Not making mistakes will save you a great deal of time and we all know that time is money.  Contrary to what many marketers will tell you, making money online is not easy.  It is not a get rich quick thing.  It's just like any other physical business in that it takes a while to get going.

When I started online, I wanted to get rich quick and didn't want to put in the work.   I joined a couple multi-level marketing programs thinking that I could amass a fortune quickly.  Boy, was I wrong.  I quickly found out that mlm's are not the way to make money, at least not a lot of money.

It is hard to form a downline that actually works.  Why?  Because they have this mindset.  Why should I work my butt off to make the people above me rich?  Unless your downline is successful quickly, they will lose interest and quit and that leaves you always scrambling to recruit more people into your downline.  Forget any products that you might be offering, the shift is to build your downline and sell them on selling others into the program.

I got sucked into SFI which I didn't like.  I joined Global Domains and failed miserably because I didn't like the products I was trying to sell others on.  And, I also joined up with this guy that said you could make a quick fortune by helping people search for others online.  I can't remember the guys name but he sold you on the program by showing off his huge house and fancy cars and the fact is he was the only one making big money.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is.  There are some programs out there that are legitimate but they usually exaggerate and this makes me skeptical.  Then I came across a book that changed my way of thinking.

Everybody that wants to make a living or get rich online should read the book that I recommend.
No, I am not getting any type of compensation by promoting this book.  I just know for a fact, it changes the way you think about making money online.  It makes you realize that this is a business not some fly by night money making opportunity.

This is where blogging comes in.  I have used the information in the book to enhance my blogs.  And, I know it works.  If I would have read this book when I first started out, I would have been a millionaire by now.  But, I am working towards that now.

This book is packed so full of information that I am reading it now for the third time.  I suggest that when you read it you take your good old time and absorb the information in it.  It's not a new book, it came out in 2010, however; the information has not changed much.  And, making money online is all about keeping up with the technology.

In order to prove to you that I am not receiving any money for promoting this book, I want you first to be serious about making money online.  And, to be serious about making money online you have to do some of your own work.  So here is your job for today.  Google search, "The Six Figure Second Income - How to start and grow a successful online business without quitting your day job.

If you do this, you have succeeded.  You will find the book.  It sells for $25.00 but you probably go to Amazon and find it cheaper ( I'm an Amazon affiliate and could have made some money here but I want you to know for a fact that I recommend this book on it's content not so I can make a few bucks off of some book I did not read.)

In case you are questioning me, I can attest to the fact that the authors of the book have made millions online.  And, if you follow the book to the tee you just might also.  So, you can either continue following this blog, which I hope you do, and learn a lot of the information I learned from the book and how you can implement the information step by step or you can just disappear and join some program that seems to make people rich easily.

However, if you do the latter, don't be surprised if it takes you 20 years of trying to figure out this whole online money making thing.  Over on the right is my sign up form.  If you want to start the New Year off by working towards a large sustainable income then don't leave without filling it in.  Believe me, if you are struggling to make money online I have been there and can help you in many different areas.  
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