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Hello, this is my recommended product line.  I am an affiliate of all of these companies and each and every product here I personally endorse.  The small commission that I do make when you purchase one helps me to keep this blog up and running so that I can provide more information to you for free or for a very low cost.  One thing about affiliate marketing is this:  the price is the same whether you go directly to the website or you go there from here.  So please consider the value I provide and choose my links if you decide to make a purchase. Thank you.

First and foremost, I recommend Godaddy for your domain and Wordpress hosting if you have a Wordpress blog.  Click this link to buy an inexpensive domain name or hosting.

A really good introduction to Affiliate Marketing is this ebook that I have purchased and read.  The book is also a good read for affiliate marketers that want to exceed more than normal marketers.  Easy to read and easy to follow, this book is well worth the low price.

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