Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Now That You Have Blog Content, Sell Affiliate Products .

Your blog is getting bigger and is starting to get some traffic.  You submitted your blog to directories and have some posts with good content.  You added Google Adsense and might be making a little bit by doing so.  Now what should you do?

It is time for you to start selling.  One of the easiest ways to sell products on your blog is through Clickbank.    With Clickbank, you can sell thousands of digital products and make huge commissions; sometimes as high as 75%!!!  There are many products that sell for $100.00 or more, so you can make a large amount of money selling these products.

However, the lure of money sometimes corrupts.  You should be absolutely confident about the products that you sell.  Nothing could be worse than selling a product to one of your blog followers and they either see it as a rip-off or they ask Clickbank for their money back and then never come to your blog again because of it.

You should be happy to sell a product and, you, yourself should like and recommend it.  Don't just go on Clickbank and start selling products that you think you would like.  Try the products out and only then sell what you endorse. This is very important if you want to really make a lot of money and someday possibly sell your own product.

Join Clickbank today ====> JOIN CLICKBANK

By doing so, I do not make any money.  I am just referring you to a website where you can sell affiliate products in your blog.  And then later, you can use some of this money to convert your blog into a website where I will show you how to make more money promoting affiliate products.

Please remember not to sell any product that you do not endorse yourself.  Here is how you can get products to sell by not spending a fortune on them.  Contact the person who is selling the product and refer them to your new blog.  Tell them that you would like to help sell their product but would like to review it for free (or at a huge discount) first so that you can honestly recommend it to your blog readers.  Have fun blogging!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Link Back to Other Posts to Generate More Blog Traffic.

One thing you should definitely do to generate more page views for your blog, is to link back to some of your other posts.  This is easy to do and will generate more page views.  For example, I could say something like, "in an earlier post I discussed that 81% of the bloggers make less than $3.50 per day with their blog." However, this would result in no additional pageviews.

But if I link back to that post, many people will click on it and read that post also.  I could easily do this through the "Link" link on the post page.  And then write something like this: Remember I said in an earlier post that 81% of bloggers make less than $3.50 per day blogging?

By doing this, you are engaging your audience.  If they don't remember you said this or if they are a new reader, they most likely will click through and read your former post.

Keep your links to only a maximum of a couple per post.  You will lose your readers if they have to keep hopping around for additional information.  Give this a try with your new blog and keep writing and building content.  Have fun!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Converting Your Blog to Website

With Blogger, you can convert your blog into a nice formatted website.  In the gadget section is a gadget called, "Pages." You should use this gadget under the title of your blog so that your blog appears to be a website.  When you are starting out, the only button you will see will be "Home" but later as your blog grows, you can easily add pages that take visitors to your actual website or to places where they can purchase items and make you money.

Many people do not like to scroll down on a blog but will click on page links.  Your page links will really help to boost your blog.  You can have a video page, an affiliate product page where you make money selling other people's products or programs, a contact page, a contributor page, and the list goes on.  The main thing is that it is a good idea to convert your blog into a nice looking website.

Many business websites today have blogs.  They set-up their website first and then added a blog.  However, we are setting up a blog first and then converting it into a website.

Why do you want to do this?  Because later on we will be discussing affiliate marketing.  Many companies will not accept blogs into their affiliate programs.  However, if you have a website with a good blog, they are more inclined to accept you as an affiliate.

If you just want to make pennies with Adsense, you can just stick to writing a blog and hope that people reading your blog will click on an ad.  However, if you want to make a lot of money, I will show you how in later posts.  More and more people are trying to make money blogging.  The winner is Google Adsense because they really do not care if you make one dollar a month.  What they want is millions of people writing blogs that make one dollar a month.  They can spread out their ads to many more blogs and make the same money.  If you want to make money with your blog, your goal should be to make the most from it.  This entails multiple income streams that we will discuss.

Make sure to subscribe to this blog as I will help you turn your blog into a moneymaking machine and you can watch me actually do all of the steps with this blog.  Notice right now that as of today, October 23, 2015 this blog is right with you.  The only page you will see on my blog that has a link is the "Home" page.  More pages will follow as I develop this blog into a cash making website.

Have fun blogging and we will see you soon!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Bloggers Should Shorten Their Permalinks and Make Them Search Engine Friendly.

Now that you are adding content to your blog and have submitted it to at least one blog directory, you now want people to locate your posts via search engines.  Chances are if you are reading this post, you found it on a search engine.

After you complete a post, the first thing you should do is shorten your permalinks and make them search engine friendly.  The default permalink uses your entire post title which may be too long.  Use the keywords carefully and change your permalink to hit on those keywords.  For example, this post has a rather long title so I will go to the right "Post Settings" and use a custom permalink to shorten it while still using the best keywords.

You don't need extra words in your permalinks.  I am going to shorten this one to: bloggers-shorten-permalinks-search-engine.  Notice that this permalink is all lower case.  Never, ever, place capital letters in your permalinks.  And, always use dashes in between words.  If you neglect to do this, the permalink structure is not correct and you will lose valuable blog placement in the search engine results.  Blogger permalink structure allows you to have about 40 characters.

Also, after you customize your permalinks, make sure that you have a clear and concise "Search Description" and labels (tags) that serve as keywords for your post.  Spelling is very important so carefully look at all of your words.  The search description is where you can capitalize important words without losing visitors searching for your content.

Keep on writing and adding posts to your blog.  The more information you have, the more people will find and read your blog.  It does take some time to get hits and readership but don't give up.  As time goes on, you will see an increase in your page views which results in making more money with your blog.  Have a great day writing!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Niche Picked Now Write and Place Ads on Your Blog

Ok, you should now have a niche and are ready to write about it.  In my last post, I told you that I would take you through an example blog and show you how I will make big money with it.  Well, that example blog is this one.  Although I started it back in 2012, I have made very little money from it.

Why?  Simply put, I have not put much into it.  I made a couple posts and then placed some Adsense ads on it.  As of today, October 22, 2015 the Adsense ads make pennies a month which is what yours most likely will do if you just make a few posts and then give up.  Don't give up!  I will show you ways to make your blog a powerhouse.

Now that you have an idea of what you want to write about, the first step is to write an introduction and tell your readers what your blog is about and what they can expect to find in your new blog.  For example, this blog is made for those who want to make the most money blogging.  It is made for the people who want to someday make a very good living blogging.  You can expect in the future to see firsthand how to make the most money from your blog.

After you write your first post here on blogger, the very first thing you should do is open a free Google Adsense account and place adsense ads on your blog.  Don't be discouraged when you are not making money right away.  It takes awhile but you want to have the ads in place like I do now in this blog.  So go ahead and sign up for Google Adsense now.

After you sign up and are ready to start placing ads, simply go to your Blogger blog list and select that little down arrow.  Here it is at the end of my blog name,  Notice the number of visitors I have had to this blog so far.  It is not many because I have not worked on this blog yet.  I will show you this number exploding in the future.

When you hit the down arrow, you should go to "Layout."  Here you will see the Layout of your blog.  Now, go to "add a gadget" where you want the Adsense ads to show.  When you click on this, you will see a bunch of things you can put in the space.  One of them is Google Adsense.  From your Google Adsense account, you want to create an ad and simply copy the code and put it in the Adsense space of your blog.

After you have ads on your blog, now it is time to start writing so that people can find and read your blog.  Google ads are called "passive" income.  Basically, the more people that come to your blog, the higher your Google ad revenue will be.  However, this is sometimes not the case.

You are not allowed to tell people to click on your ads so it is possible that few people will.  For this reason, I am not a huge fan of "passive advertising."  Sure, you will make some money by placing Google ads on your blog, but there are much more lucrative ways to make money from your blog. Just think of adsense money as your night out money.  Maybe you will only get one night out a year with it but that is better than nothing.

Later on, you are going to learn how to make big money from your blog with "aggressive advertising."  Aggressive advertising is where you take control and make as much as you work for. Have fun writing and please share your blog in a comment so that I can follow it and watch it develop into a money making machine!

Make Big Money Blogging - Pick a Niche!

It has been a long while since I posted to this blog.  I started it and then abruptly stopped it because I had a lot of other projects going on.  I have much more free time now and will be posting regularly so please subscribe to get my latest posts.

Recently I read that 81% of the people who blog never even make $100 and the vast majority make less than $3.50 per day.  I got this information from a very informative blogging article by Melanie Pinola.  The name of the article is "Can I Really Make a Living by Blogging."

To make money blogging you have to work at it and, although, I have not posted in awhile in this blog, I maintain a blog with tens of thousands of page views.  I have met with many failures and I have met with success.  You can learn a lot from me as I have tried lots of things that have cost me money and have resulted in failure.  I finally figured this out and now know how you can make a lot of money blogging.

It really is not that hard.  You just have to have the right method and follow it to the tee.  The people who fail are the people that aimlessly write blogs with no preparation for the future posts.  If you do this, blogging can be fun but it is most likely that it won't be profitable.

Follow this blog from right now and I will take you right through a new blog that will make me a lot of money while you can watch and duplicate my efforts.  The first thing that I want you to do today is pick your niche.  I will say this again because this step is very important:

Make Money Blogging Step One - Pick a niche!

Take a day to think about your niche. You are going to be investing some time writing so make sure you like your niche.  When you have picked a niche (a particular subject to write about) it is time to start a Blogger blog.

Why pick a blogger blog?  The main reason is that Blogger is run by the largest search engine in the world; Google.  Blogger blogs are search engine friendly and you can easily place Google adsense on them and make a little passive money by doing so.

If you rely on Google adsense alone, you may end up as one of the 81% of the people who never make $100.  However, when you combine other income streams with Google adsense, your earnings will skyrocket.  As your viewership increases, so will your adsense earnings too!

Whether you have a blog and are tired of making pennies a month or are just starting a blog, I can help you out.  Subscribe to my blog for free and follow my posts.  I am going to post a new article at least once per week.  So get ready to start making money by blogging. Have fun picking your new niche and I will be talking to you soon!
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