Friday, November 6, 2015

Create a Twitter Account and Then Place a Twitter Button on Your Blog

The power of social marketing far outweighs sitting back and trying to get your blog posts high up in search engine results.  Many people today, like it or not, will not sign-up for any more mail or subscribe to your blog.  This is because many people like myself are flooded with hundreds of emails daily and could not possibly get through them all.

You have to very special to get people to sign-up for blog updates through email.  On the other hand, there is a much more efficient way to stay in touch with your blog readership.  This method includes social media like Twitter or Facebook.

People are far more likely to "follow" you on Twitter and here you can tweet about your latest blog posts and drive people to your blog.  And, your followers on Twitter are more likely to revisit your blog if they like what they read.

Having said that, In my opinion I believe a Twitter button is an essential "gadget add-on" for any blog.  I have seen people just say; "follow me on twitter" without a button.  This tactic certainly will not work as well as an actual button that they can click and go straight to your twitter account.

You can create a Twitter button very fast by going to your blogger layout page and selecting "add a gadget."  You then want to go to the "more gadget tab" and search for POWR button.  You then can make the button easily by following a couple steps.

Here is what the gadget can do for you:

Now it will be super-easy for people to follow you on Twitter or Facebook.  Why not follow me by clicking on my free button?  In return, I will follow you back.  My handle on Twitter is @TrafficXchanger and that is what I do.  I follow people who follow me and I try to build relationships with these people rather than people I do not know.

According to a recent survey by Twitter, 69% of people buy products from people they either follow or meet on Twitter.  Now that is a huge number not to ignore.  So, if you do not like social media, you might want to at least rethink your strategies.  Twitter allows you to build a rapport with your followers and that is the difference between repeat visitors of your site or just one-time visitors that never come back.

Ideally, as we will discuss later, you do want people to actually sign-up for your blog through email.  However, this takes a lot of patience and time that can be bypassed through the use of social media.

Your action step for today is to open up a Twitter account if you do not already have one and then place a Twitter button on your blog.  After this, come back here and Follow me on Twitter and then I will follow you.  See how easy it is to get your first follower?

Click right here to join Twitter ======> Twitter


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