Saturday, November 7, 2015

Is There a Super-Fast Way to Move Your Blog Up in Search Engines?

Let's face it; in order to make any money with your blog you are going to have to have some traffic coming to it.  You can have the best blog in the galaxy but if you have no visitors coming and reading your content, you will make zippo with your blog.

So how do you get traffic?  Is there a super-fast way to move your blog up in the search engines and then you can just kick back while thousands of people swarm to your blog like bees flying to a honey hole.  The answer is unfortunately, no.

The goal of having any blog is to provide good content for your readers so that they will come back. Have you ever gone to a website that was just a bunch of links taking you to other pages with absolutely no content for you to read?  These hop sites might make some money for the people who placed links on them but I would bet that the return traffic is nil.

Somebody told me the other day that in order to have a good blog that brings in traffic you need to have your own website and have the website as a page and not hosted on a subdomain like ""  So, I finally decided to peruse the web looking for the real answers.

I found plenty of so-called SEO pros that confirmed this statement.  The truth is I like to have my blog as part of a website anyway because I don't like the real long "blogspot" url.  A lesson I will teach soon.  However, I don't believe it makes a difference when it comes to traffic.  You can do more with an actual website so this is a plus but traffic comes gradually as you keep adding good content.

I have had many websites and a few blogs over the last ten years and I can tell you that I have been happy with how all of my sites were indexed by the search engines.  For this reason, I do not recommend spending a lot of money on SEO.  What I do recommend is adding good content for your readers that they will want to read.

The robots that the search engines use today are smart and according to the article below they can easily differentiate between websites and subdomains.  This means that there is no longer any advantage to hosting your blog on a top level domain.

So keep on writing good content and the smart robots will reward you.  The following article is proof enough from Google:  Is It Bad for SEO to use Subdomains

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